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The Crisis at the Texas Border

Drawn by Biden’s false and failed open border policies, thousands of Haitians have gathered in Ciudad Acuña MX/Del Rio TX, trying to make their way into the US; many of them fled Haiti years ago looking for work after the 2010 earthquake devastated their country. These are not political refugees being oppressed at home.

As a nation of immigrants, America is the most welcoming country in the history of the world. We all sympathize with the desire to come to the US— but legal paths to immigration must be pursued.

These pictures are from my friend State Rep. Jared Patterson who recently went to Del Rio with a legislative delegation to assess the situation. The Haitian mass immigration attempt is putting an incredible strain on the people and resources of Del Rio, as well as creating a health and humanitarian crisis.

Democrats' failed federal policies have once again turned into a very real state and local problem; bad decisions in Washington have very real impacts on Texas communities.

I want to stand with my colleagues to strengthen our border, and send a clear strong message around the world: “We will not allow Texas to be used as an illegal door into the U.S.”

We must be strong even if the President won’t.

This post appeared originally at Kronda's campaign Facebook Page on 9/29/21.


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