Kronda Thimesch (pronounced "KRAWN-da TIMM-esh") has been an HD-65 resident for more than 30 years.


As someone of Hispanic heritage whose family came from humble roots, Kronda’s story embodies the American Dream. Her Grandmother Rose Martinez-Mascarenas grew up in a home with dirt floors and didn’t finish high school.  Kronda, however, was able to graduate from college, serve on the local school board, and fight for educational opportunities for everyone. 


A small business owner and employer, Kronda Thimesch is the only candidate endorsed by NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business, the voice of small business in Texas), the Texas Association of Business, and numerous small business leaders here in our community. She will use her business experience to work for policies that create jobs and improve the economy.


Kronda believes in giving back to our community, having volunteered in several charitable, civic, and non-profit organizations.


Kronda is a parent who has overseen the education of her four children, all of whom graduated from our local public schools.  During her five-year tenure as an accomplished school board  trustee where she earned the “Master Trustee” designation, Kronda supported student and family populations from all walks of life. She worked in a bipartisan manner to represent Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in one of the largest school districts in Texas. As State Representative, Kronda will work to ensure that education dollars serve our students and empower our teachers.


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