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Kronda Thimesch (pronounced "KRAWN-da TIMM-esh") has been an HD-65 resident for more than 30 years.


Kronda’s family came from humble roots. Her Grandmother, Rose Martinez-Mascarenas, grew up in a home with dirt floors and didn’t finish high school. But in America, it doesn’t matter where you came from... if you are persistent and work hard, anything is possible. Kronda was able to graduate from college, serve on the local school board, and fight for educational opportunities for everyone. 


While attending Texas Tech University as an undergrad and majoring in Landscape Architecture, Kronda met her husband Jeff. After graduation, they moved to Denton County to begin their small family business in a garage. Today, their company is a regional employer and active community partner.

As a local small business owner, Kronda understands how high taxes, burdensome regulations and frivolous lawsuits make it hard for businesses to grow and create jobs. She is proud to use her experience to ensure Texas continues to foster an environment that encourages job creation, so we can all have the dignity of work and provide for our families.


Kronda is passionate about the value of a strong education. She has four children, all of whom graduated from local public schools. After years of being a supportive and active parent leading various booster clubs, scholarship programs, and extracurricular activities, she felt called to do more -- and in 2015, Kronda was elected to Lewisville ISD Board. She served two terms, earned the "Master Trustee" designation, and was elected Vice-President by her board colleagues.


During her five-year tenure as an accomplished school board trustee, Kronda supported student and family populations from all walks of life, in one of the geographically-largest school districts in the state. She worked in a bipartisan manner to represent the best interests of all children in a district with significant socioeconomic diversity. This experience gives Kronda the ability to look for solutions that benefit a population as diverse as Texas.

Kronda believes in giving back to our community and volunteers in several charitable, civic, and non-profit organizations. Prior to her election to House District 65, she served on the Denton County Child Protective Services Board, and was on the board of the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce. She is also an active member of many civic groups such as Highland Village Business Association, Carrollton Women's Club, Flower Mound Rotary, and the American Legion Auxiliary.

In November 2022, Kronda was elected with 60% of the vote to represent HD-65 in the Texas House. On January 10, 2023, Kronda took the oath of office and is now the State Representative for HD-65. During the 88th Legislature, Rep. Thimesch was appointed to the Appropriations Committee, Agriculture & Livestock Committee and Resolutions Calendars Committee. On the Appropriations Committee, she serves on the Higher Education Subcommittee.


Kronda and her husband Jeff have been married for almost 31 years, and have four grown children who are now starting families and businesses of their own, with two beautiful grandbabies in the family. The Thimesches have been active members of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship for over 25 years.

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