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Where Kronda Stands on the Issues Facing Texas

Secure the Border


Securing the border is Kronda’s #1 priority because Biden’s open border policies endanger our state and nation. That’s why Kronda voted to invest over $6 billion for border security and to construct a border wall and add water barriers in the Rio Grande River. She made illegal entry a state criminal offense and designated drug cartels as terrorist organizations to hold them accountable for poisoning our kids with fentanyl. 

​Support Our Police and Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe

Kronda Thimesch is an ardent supporter of our first responders and is adamantly opposed to any effort to defund the police. She believes that citizens are best served when law enforcement and communities have high engagement and strong positive relationships. Kronda is endorsed by law enforcement officials and associations because she has their back.

Grow the Texas Economic Miracle

Kronda is a proven job creator for our community, growing a successful business that she and her husband launched in their garage over thirty years ago.  She will use that experience to work for policies that create jobs and improve the economy.


Kronda knows that Texas is strongest when we have an economy that can support a growing workforce. Having witnessed firsthand the impacts of over-taxation and heavy-handed regulation, Kronda is committed to eliminating harmful regulations and red tape that harm our businesses so they can create jobs.

Protect Taxpayers

Kronda knows the importance of reforming the property tax system and continuing the fight to cut property taxes. That’s why she proudly passed the largest property tax cut in history, providing $18 billion in relief for Texans. The bill included a permanent increase of the homestead exemption to $100,000 and an additional $12 billion to buy down local property taxes and lower your bills. We need to ensure that families are not taxed out of their homes.

​​No Vaccine Mandates


Texans have a right to decide whether or not they want to receive the COVID vaccine. The vaccine has helped Texans avoid major illness if they contract this disease, but it is unacceptable for government to force the shot on anyone. Threatening Texans’ livelihood by mandating vaccination to participate fully in society is not a choice, but an ultimatum. That’s why Kronda passed a bill to ban COVID vaccine mandates

Protect Our 2nd Amendment Freedoms


Kronda is endorsed by the NRA for her tireless efforts to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. She firmly believes that Denton County citizens should be able to exercise their Constitutional right to protect themselves and their families, especially during times of chaos and uncertainty.  Kronda will always oppose efforts by liberals to infringe on the freedoms of law-abiding citizens.

Strong Family Values

Kronda stands strongly against radical progressive attempts to tear down our shared family values and sexualize our children. That’s why she fought to pass bills to ban gender modification surgeries on minors, prevent drag shows in front of children, and stop males from competing in women’s sports..

Combat Human Trafficking

Sadly, Texas is a major hub for human sex trafficking – and the thought of our children being abducted is every parent’s nightmare. The DFW Metroplex is a magnet for sex trafficking activity and crimes, in large part due to our location along Interstate 35. 


Through her work in our schools, as a member of the Denton County Child Protection Services (CPS) Board, and with family members who have worked internationally to support women who have been victimized, Kronda understands that the safety of women and children is at risk. Kronda is dedicated to the fight against human trafficking so we can protect women and children from predators and assist and care for victims of trafficking and assault. Kronda supports strong border security so we can protect our families from violent criminals and drug cartels.

​​Get Smart on Education


As an experienced leader in K-12 education, Kronda knows that a stronger education system means a stronger workforce, which leads to jobs and opportunity for all. Kronda served on the Lewisville ISD school board for five years, where she led efforts to invest dollars in the classroom, improve education outcomes for children, and still stay on budget. 

As State Representative, Kronda is working to ensure that education dollars serve our students and empower our teachers. Kronda passed a cost of living increase for our dedicated retired teachers and supports Governor Abbott’s plan to increase education freedom and options for students because parents know what’s best for their children. Kronda will bring her unique and extensive background to improve public education so our children are prepared for the jobs of the future.

Improve Health Care Access, Lower Health Care Cost

As a small business owner, Kronda has firsthand experience with skyrocketing health care costs and knows that health care premiums are straining family budgets.  She will work to make health insurance more accessible and affordable by expanding telemedicine, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, and helping small business owners to provide coverage for their employees. Kronda opposes polices which take away your ability to choose your own doctor and place the government in charge of health care decisions.

Critical Race Theory

Each of us is made equal by our Creator, but Critical Race Theory teaches our children to see each other first as members of a racial group-as oppressors or oppressed. That’s wrong. We are Texans, and we are Americans. Kronda will not stand for this fringe liberal ideology, pitting us against one another and poisoning future generations along racial lines. Kronda will stand against CRT’s destructive ideology.

No Vaccine Mandates

Texans have a right to decide whether or not they want to receive the COVID vaccine. The vaccine has helped Texans avoid major illness if they contract this disease, but it is unacceptable for government to force the shot on anyone. Threatening Texans’ livelihood by mandating vaccination to participate fully in society is not a choice, but an ultimatum. As your next State Representative, Kronda will fight back against these mandates as well as efforts to demean those who have concerns about whether they or their family should get the COVID vaccine.

Defend Life, Oppose Taxpayer Funded Abortions

Kronda is pro-life, will work to defend the sanctity of life, and will oppose taxpayer funding of abortions. She will be a voice for the unborn and those who cannot defend themselves. She has financially supported crisis pregnancy centers that offer support to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Kronda understands the importance of providing assistance to women who choose life but sometimes face an uncertain future as a new mother, and supports common-sense health care support for families.

Election Integrity

We must protect the integrity of elections across Texas. As our State Representative, Kronda voted to make illegal voting a felony. Kronda will continue to support new laws to ensure Texas election administrators follow the Constitution and support changes that continue to make it easier for Texans to vote and harder to cheat. 


​​​​Give Back with Integrity & Servant Leadership

Kronda believes in giving back to our community.  For 30 years, she has volunteered for charitable and civic organizations such as Denton County Child Protective Services, Meals on Wheels, Children’s Advocacy Center, Rotary, youth sports, PTA, Operation Kindness (she loves pets!), Lewisville ISD Education Foundation, Communities in Schools North Texas, LOVEPACs, football booster clubs, multiple Chambers of Commerce, and many others.  She has served her church, Bent Tree Bible Fellowship, in various capacities including Sunday School Teacher and Small Group Leader.


Years in and years out, the issues facing our state may change, but how Kronda will approach those issues won’t change. Those who have worked with her know she is a listener. Kronda believes as a leader it is her duty to have an open door and engage with our community in a meaningful way.  She will always operate with the utmost integrity and model servant leadership.

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