Jobs and the Texas Economy

As an entrepreneur who helped start a successful family business here in our district, Kronda knows first-hand that it is the private sector – not government - that generates jobs, growth and economic opportunity.  She has spent a lifetime building a small business that she launched with her husband Jeff many years ago right out of their garage.  

Kronda understands the impact of excessive taxation, regulation, and government intervention on jobs and the economy, so she will be a strong voice for small business and taxpayers. Kronda knows that the Texas economy is the envy of the nation, and that’s why people are flocking here for jobs and opportunity.  She will work to protect what we have and keep liberal tax and spend policies out of Texas.    


There is a key difference in the GOP primary on the issue of property taxes.  Of the two candidates, only Kronda Thimesch has never voted for a tax rate increase.  Kronda’s opponent voted for a resolution urging the Texas Legislature to allow school districts to "Increase the tax rate without voter authorization." *

Kronda believe taxpayers deserve a voice, while her opponent voted to raise taxes without going to voters.


Kronda has personally knocked on over 1800 doors, hearing directly from voters who have shared that the property tax burden is their top concern.   Kronda believes we should continue efforts to lower property taxes, so that our citizens, especially our senior citizens, aren't taxed out of their home.   As a member of the Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees, she has voted twice to cut the property tax rate.  Her opponent voted for a tax rate increase, the maximum allowed by law.**

*February 26, 2009, CFBISD Resolution to Texas Legislature.


** Board Meeting Minutes Archives "Minutes of Special Meeting" of C-FBISD Board. (August 18, 2016)
"Motion: Mr. Shor made the motion to increase the property tax rate and adopt the tax rate of $1.3917 which is effectively a 14.70 percent increase in the tax rate. Mr. Goode seconded the motion." Nancy Cline voted YES.

Improving Education

Kronda Thimesch is a parent who has overseen the education of her four children, all of whom graduated from local public schools.   She is a firm believer that parents best understand the needs of their child and are the ultimate decision maker in what is best for their child.  

As a respected member of the Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees, Kronda currently represents approximately 75% of House District 65.  She has worked for an education system that works for parents, students, teachers and taxpayers.  Kronda will continue that work in Austin to ensure that Texas children obtain the best education possible, one that prepares them for a successful future.  

Strong Border Security

to Halt Illegal Immigration

Kronda believes in strong border security and will support continued state efforts to beef up border enforcement where federal efforts are lacking.  As state representative, Kronda will back state efforts to deploy Texas DPS agents, helicopters, and enhanced surveillance needed to stop illegal entry into the United States.  Through her work in our schools, Kronda has witnessed the devastating effect of porous borders and the flow of drugs up Interstate 35 into our communities and schools.  The safety of our children is at risk because of the drug and opioid crisis; drug cartels must be stopped at the border.   

Improve Roads and Transportation

to Reduce Congestion

All of us who live in Denton County agree that a strong road and highway system is vital for jobs, safety, and quality of life.  Kronda believes that transportation is a core function of government, and we must ensure that tax dollars are deployed to reduce congestion.  It’s not a matter of "if" we have more people coming... it’s when and how many. With over $20 billion allocated for road projects every two years, the state is making the needed investment.  However, we must continue to ensure that the most needed projects are completed -- and not projects selected by politics.

Fight Human Trafficking

Sadly, Texas is a major hub for human sex trafficking – and the thought of our children being abducted is every parent’s nightmare.  Because of the large tourism events we host, the D/FW Metroplex is hit even harder.  Kronda will work with local law enforcement and state officials to ensure our children and teenagers are protected from human sex trafficking.  

Protecting Life, Defend Texas Values

Kronda’s faith, as well as our founder’s declaration of an unalienable right to life, informs her strong belief in the sanctity of life.  She will unapologetically be a voice for the unborn and those who cannot defend themselves. Additionally, with our rights of free expression and religious liberty increasingly under attack, Kronda will oppose those who seek to silence our voice and our values.  

Protecting Our 2nd Amendment Freedoms


Kronda strongly supports the 2nd Amendment. She comes from a strong family heritage of responsible gun ownership, as her father, husband, and sons have all been avid hunters. Some of her fondest childhood memories are times spent in the outdoors with her father during hunting season.

Kronda firmly believes that Denton County citizens should be able to exercise their Constitutional right to protect themselves and their families. She will oppose efforts by liberals to infringe on the freedoms of law abiding citizens.

Integrity and Servant Leadership

Years in and years out, the issues facing our state may change ….. but how Kronda will approach those issues won’t. Those who have worked with her know she is a listener.   Kronda believes as a leader it is her duty to have an open door and engage with our community in a meaningful way.  She will always operate with the utmost integrity, and model servant leadership.   

Kronda Thimesch


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