Running in the 2022 cycle is going to be more expensive than 2020. Now that Michelle Beckley is a two-term incumbent, she and the Dems will be heavily focused on preserving HD-65 and there will be less state and national money flowing into North Texas from Republicans seeking to preserve the legislative majority ahead of redistricting. We have a key contribution deadline coming on June 30, 2021.


Please make a donation to the Kronda Thimesch Campaign.  Showing your support and investing in thoughtful, collaborative representation will ensure your values are heard in Austin, in a crucial year for Texas.

You can make a donation online, or via US mail (Checks can also be made out to "Kronda Thimesch Campaign" and mailed to 2516 Sir Tristram Lane, Lewisville, TX 75056. Or, you can print out this form which includes instructions for mailing your check).

Thank you for investing in strong leadership for HD-65!