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There are many options right now if you need help paying your rent, utility bills, handling an overdue back rent, or managing an eviction.  Please read below, and share these resources with neighbors!

Support for Tenants Who Are Struggling to Make Rent & Utilities
Texas Rent Relief -
  • Who can qualify?  Late rent, late utility bill or eviction notice

  • Where is the funding from? Congress-approved COVID relief

  • Landlord or tenant can apply

  • Proof of residency/immigration status not required

Renter Resources -

United Way of Denton County Eviction Prevention -


  • Who can qualify? Denton County residents

  • Where is the funding from? Denton County non-profits

  • Landlord or tenant can apply

  • All adults in the home will have to provide DL or ID

Texas Eviction Diversion Program -
  • Who can qualify? Tenant who has been served eviction notice

  • Where is the funding from? State of Texas

  • May cover up to 15 months of rental and utility assistance

  • Landlord and tenant must collaborate on resolution process

  • TEDP will assist with diverting court case to a resolution that does not affect tenant's rental history

Local Social Services

Inspiring Lives -
Prestonwood Care & Support -
Call 211 (from your phone!)

or get more info at

  • A service provided by Texas Health & Human Services Department

  • Can direct you to resources on housing, employment, food/nutrition, legal aid, mental health, child care and more

Denton County Area Food Banks, Support Organizations:

If you are in need or know of those in need, please check out these local resources.

Resources for Families in Crisis


You can also contact your church or place of worship for resources that may be available.

COVID Announcements  & Resources
County and Local:

State and National: 

The CDC's comprehensive preparation and prevention guide

School District Information:


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