My family came from humble roots. We valued hard work, personal responsibility, faith and family. My grandmother, Rose Martinez-Mascarenas, grew up in a home with dirt floors and didn’t finish high school.  Yet I, her granddaughter, was able to earn a bachelor's degree, build a small business, serve on the local school board, and fight for educational opportunities for all.


That is the American Dream. No other state embraces the values that make the American Dream possible like Texas does.  I am running for State Representative to ensure Texas remains the land of endless opportunity for future generations.

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A resident of our district for over 30 years, Kronda is a small business owner, community volunteer, and former school board member. Together, she and Jeff raised four children, all of whom attended local public schools.


Kronda serves in numerous charitable and civic organizations, including the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce Board and the Denton County Child Protective Services Board.

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