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July 20, 2021

Contact: Drew Lawson


Kronda Thimesch Statement on Beckley’s Congressional Campaign Announcement

CARROLLTON – “She has now deserted her constituents for the third time in two months. Clearly, for Michelle, it was never about serving the people of House District 65,” Kronda Thimesch said, upon this morning’s announcement that Michelle Beckley will challenge Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne in 2022.

“When Michelle changed her campaign social media accounts and website in the dead of night to remove all reference to HD-65, my team began to suspect something was up,” Thimesch relayed. “When she gave a cringeworthy set of interviews to CNN and Fox News after just a few hours on the ground in Washington D.C., I was all but certain that Michelle was washing her hands of our community. Let’s be honest, you don’t put a state representative who just got named ‘Furniture’ by Texas Monthly on national TV unless she has an agenda to capitalize on it.”

It appears that Beckley’s Congressional campaign announcement video was filmed on location in Washington D.C., where Beckley has been hiding out since July 12 to avoid doing the work of the Texas Legislature’s special session. It is clear she has been preparing for this since before the Democrats broke quorum and fled the state.

“She walked off the job in May, killing dozens of good bills that were almost at the finish line. She walked off the job in July to fly unmasked with a case of beer for a D.C. vacation. Now she is walking off the job for the people of HD-65 with critical issues for the district unresolved. For Michelle, it was always all about Michelle,” said Thimesch.

On July 6, Thimesch announced her intentions to challenge Beckley again for HD-65 following a narrow loss in 2020. The Thimesch campaign reported over $100,000 on hand at the July semi-annual deadline.

Campaign advisor Drew Lawson believes that Kronda’s wide bi-partisan appeal, conservative values, and strong community support send a message about the fight that lies ahead. “The people of HD-65 deserve hard-working, selfless representation, and they can clearly see that Kronda is ready to work hard, and never walk off the job,” Lawson shared.

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